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- Solid hardwood caskets, coffins and funeral urns, pet urns of quality craftsmanship;
- Firm commitment to provide unbeatable prices, direct from manufacturer;
- OEM manufacturing, based on client's designs;
- Efficient and reliable contract execution; problem-free delivery to North America and Europe.
- Expanding selection of other funeral supplies, we can source any funeral-related product;
- Fine casket accessories (interior decorations and casket bags);

Since the company opened a new distribution in the USA and has additional production capacity, we'd like to extend several special offers to our customers. We also welcome inquiries from individuals who are interested in becoming sales associates.

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B2B wholesale inquiries only.

Funeral Directors' feedback, thoughts, opinions are extremely valuable to us. Please don't hesitate to contact us and let us know how we are doing, what improvements, changes and additions you would like to see implemented, so that can meet the needs of your business.

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It took a lot of hard work to be able to launch the US distribution and to offer quality caskets at these low prices.
We rely on your support, criticism, suggestions, they are of great help.

an image produces a range of products that are based on centuries of woodworking, carving, and artistic tradition. The caskets are manufactured in the same location that for many centuries produced legendary engravings and furniture for imperial court and nobility, many of these objects are in the museums or private collections. This rich historical tradition of superb craftsmanship is carried on by skilled workers who apply their knowledge to processing most delicate and valuable types of wood.
With efficient management and low overhead, is able to offer funeral products at a fraction of a price of the domestic manufacturers.
Production facilities are located in the Shanghai area, in close proximity to one of the largest world transportation hubs.


Quality & Integrity
an image offers high and consistent quality at low and very competitive prices.
Every Funeral Director heard some story about bad experience with imported caskets. While most of these are spread by those who sell the product at 3 times the price of an import, some have the factual basis. We know all the challenges first-hand. The difference is that we do understand what is required and we care about the resulting product and service.
In that regard our company has no competition.
Every funeral supply product is expertly inspected at location by professional QC technicians, very carefully packed, insured and will arrive to your destination without any production defects. We stand by our products 100% and continuously strive to exceed client expectations.
Distribution, Supply & Trade
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Casket distribution in North America operates from a modern warehouse facility at a transport hub in Albany, NY area. Delivery costs are minimized. We are transportation brokers and ship with leading national carriers at a lowest quote.
We offer comprehensive logistics support, so whether delivering locally, within the state, out-of-state or across continents, it is at cost, worry-free and transparent via globally recognized transportation leaders. We are up-front with our customers and value straight business deals.
The company's principles have been working in China and shipping goods worldwide since 1994. We combine a thorough knowledge of Chinese marketplace with Western business practices, which makes us uniquely qualified to be a trusted supplier of quality funeral products to businesses in North America and Europe.

Sale on mahogany caskets. Wholesale caskets are shipped domestically and to Canada from US Distribution Center.

We strive to offer good quality for THE best price. The company distributes mahogany, oak, cherry, ash, and walnut caskets.

HERE is list of available models. Contact us for pricing.

Order fulfillment to lower 48 states and Canada.

The company also continues to provide maximum savings and variety of models on bulk orders of caskets in quantities of 24 or more.

Funeral Homes also have an option to purchase in bulk, and our warehouse will do storage and fulfillment at cost. Safely stored caskets are then sent to location as requested. This provides all the advantages of factrory-direct pricing, convenience of inventory management without problems with storing and handling this many units.

NEW in 2013:
Additional casket models: Jewish Orthodox and Christian.

We are actively expanding selection of caskets to meet customer requirements.
Your feedback is always appreciated!

Please see prices page (link is available upon request).

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